Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Class with ISAC from March to December, 2011

Neighbor of Cambodia, non government organization, non profit which funded by churches in South Korea run a Institute of Sustainable Agriculture and Community Development (ISAC) since 2003 located in Lumchung commune, Samroung district, Takeo province.

The purpose of ISAC is to develop human resources in rural area of Cambodia to be a leader of their communities. Since 2003 until 2010, ISAC had already trained six generation which has the total of 160 students (female: 60).

ISAC is planning to select about 30 new students to join the agriculture class for 2011.They will provide the class and practical field of natural farming, English, Hygiene and sanitation, alternative technology (Solar energy, solar cooker, winter byte...), community development...etc.The new class will start from March to December of 2011.